Delivery Methods

Construction Management

Many Owners’ wants a firm to manage both the design and construction of their projects. This process is commonly referred to as Construction Management. This delivery system allows for the construction firm to do value engineering in the design end of the project, which will keep a project in budget. Also, this system allows a construction firm to monitor what is being designed for the Owner, a check and balance systems of aesthetics and cost. Services in this delivery system:

Construction Manager at Risk

This delivery method is similar to Construction Management with a main difference. A construction firm now guarantees a construction cost and acts as the General Contractor. This process allows better lines of communication with the Owner and architectural team as well as better control of the overall project as opposed to a simply or normal general construction delivery method. Services included in this delivery method are the same as above but also include the following:


This system is geared for an Owner who is looking for a single point of responsibility. In this approach, an Architect is selected to work directly for the design/build team. We then work directly for the Owner and direct the Architect to design to the owner’s specific needs. This allows our firm to mark sure the project is not over designed and stays within budget.

Benefits and services offered in this system:

Competitive Sealed Proposals (CSPs)

This emerging delivery system (generally in the Governmental sector) allows the Owner to consider other factors along with competitive pricing in the selection of a builder. The Owner can utilize a ranking system with points awarded for construction cost, past experience, safety modifiers, similar projects, etc., in the selection process. Dantex Construction has been ranked and selected on Governmental Projects as a top competitor with these and other factors considered.

Benefits and services offered in this system:

General Contracting

The most common delivery system of construction is course General Contracting. This is where we are the general contractor and in charge of the construction process. This delivery system includes competitive bid, lump sum, cost plus a fee, cost plus a fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price. Each method has its use in certain situations, but all share the common general contractor as doing construction only in the project. Dantex Construction has extensive experience in the following building types:


Dantex Construction is also willing to work as a Subcontractor for other General Contractors on large projects. We can also serve as a sub that can build entire structures on larger building projects, especially where time is a major factor. We also serve as a supplier for Varco–Pruden metal building and can provide advantageous pricing on joint venture projects.

Dantex Construction can operate as a subcontractor in the following areas: