About Dantex

At Dantex Construction, our executives are passionate about what we do. Their goal from day one is to pursue what’s right for our customers and to continue build upon our talents. Using personal examples to lead in that way, they help us all to be the best we can be, and we think our teamwork is positively reflected in our results.

Farley Daniels, CEO

Mr. Daniels has over 38 years of construction background, education and experience. The son of a well known and respected industrial coatings contractor, Farley branched out on his own in 1982 as an interior remolding contractor. His talents for getting things done on time and his ability to take on any task, soon lead clients to request Dantex take on more responsibility. Soon Dantex was a full service general contractor and construction manager serving repeat and new clients in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

As President of Dantex, Mr. Daniels has management responsibilities, client satisfaction commitments and project management duties, in addition to his company’s operational functions. As a team-oriented President, he demands that his key staff participate in discussion and lead quality projects. Farley has grown Dantex from a small remodeling contractor into a major player in the Southwestern Untied States.

The company’s success and values are based on Mr. Daniels’ strong management and employees, which centers on quality people. Dantex has surrounded itself with excellent subcontractors and suppliers, a team of people who truly care about quality construction and a client’s satisfaction. Their skills and experiences are second to none.

The values that have been in place for the staff include enduring quality, courtesy to clients, fairness and fine attention to detail. Dantex looks forward to “turning your dreams into reality.” Mr. Daniels firmly believes “there are no problems, only solutions.”

Mr. Daniels has served on the board as an elected official for the Association of General Contractors. (AGC)

Tyler Daniels, President

Like his father before him, Tyler began working in the family run construction industry at a young age. Tyler began assisting his father’s staff and a carpenter and assistant in Estimating, Quantity Take–off, Safety Management, Scheduling and Development of Project Submittals learning the business side of construction work from the ground up. Following his graduation form Texas A&M he rejoined the firm and a managing partner. Currently he serves as the President of Dantex.

He has led the implementation various new construction oriented computer programs that have moved Dantex into the twenty–first century. Also, Mr. Daniels serves as a member of the local Association of General Contractors Safety Committee and has guided Dantex as well as other regional contractors to take a very proactive approach to preventing accidents and ensuring safe job sites.


Richard Bransford, Vice President – Business Development

Richard has over twenty-five (25) years of construction experience on a wide variety of construction projects in the private, public and governmental sectors. Mr. Bransford has been involved in every phase of Construction Estimating, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Client Relations and Project Design during his career.

Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction, which has enabled him to participate in all phases of business management. Richard has an integral role in the daily business development implementation of Dantex Construction Co.


Tom Wilts, Vice President – Senior Project Manager

Mr. Wilts has over twenty years of Construction Management experience. He has managed employees, contractors, subcontractors and utility contractors. As a Project Manager, he has overseen every facet of construction from architect and engineer drawings to site work to construction closeout. His responsibilities have included overseeing multiple jobs and superintendents, subcontractor payroll, pay requests, job modifications, budgeting and scheduling. Mr. Wilts has interfaced with project engineers, project architects, and city, county and state governments.